Singing and Playing to Foster Hope

In 2021, I am focusing on finding ways to use my music platform to contribute to society in a positive way. I have chosen to begin this journey with a very special organization called Bloom.  A private, non-profit foster care organization in Georgia, Bloom’s mission is to “recruit, support and train our foster families who give displaced children hope and a home life for the next phase of their lives.”  


My first interaction with Bloom was in the 3rd grade when my Aunt Becky helped me organize a clothing drive at my school for The Bloom Closet.

As I have grown up, Bloom has grown and expanded as well.  However, there is a continued need for growth as the number of children in foster care in Georgia is also on the rise.

Bloom believes “every child deserves the chance to be the best person they were meant to be.”  

This is something that really resonates with me. I know that I have been truly blessed with opportunities and parental support in a way that not everyone is.  Through my involvement with Bloom, I have learned that this can be significantly impacted in a positive way when a child or teen becomes part of a foster family.

In 2021, I aim to RAISE AWARENESS of foster parenting and RAISE MONEY for Bloom’s continued growth – so all children and teens can have a chance to reach their dreams in the same way I have.   Please check out Bloom’s website above to see all the good things they are doing! If you would like to book me to provide live music for your next private event, please use the link below.

Through my “Rhythm & Bloom” initiative, I will be happily giving 50% of the proceeds of my personal earnings from private event bookings during 2021 directly to Bloom.  

Cheers to reaching your 2021 goals as well!

-Leah Belle Faser


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